First Year of Internet – Success Or Failure For For the Marketers?

First Year of Internet – Success Or Failure For For the Marketers?

First year of the Internet – Success or Failure for the Marketers?Internet made a great force in every field, but some of the people became extremely successful or fail from this powerful industry. The fact is that in the first year of Internet business, most of the people get tremendous Success but many of them fail.

To explain more about that, let take an example of a computer store that is selling any products and services online. Visitors surfing the Internet will come across many advertisements and with proper advertising and marketing of the products and services, visitors will buy the products from the store and make money by clicking. Now compare the business from shown before to the second shop that opened. No need to visit two businesses, just in one click you can buy it from one shop. This is what I mean when I make mention of advertising or marketing.

But as I mentioned earlier that it seems that successful people can be successful only because they are smart enough people and smartly calculative. So, they buy products and services directly from the dealer, buy large quantities first and add their margin because consumers honestly believe in the advertised sellers. And if chosen best in that field then they get huge profit. But in most of the cases, people fail from this business because if bought anything from online retailers, they only buy few items at a time, and after completing that one is ordering some other item which is delivered to them within the same check time.

But, the product sold per product is very low than the retail price and thus if people are forced by the low price per product then they buy it in huge quantities. But due to this, there are no further orders; they do not need to buy other products. Thus, they get good money in the first 12 months of online business but fail in the second year of the business. Where is the high quality of the product offered by the retailers that sold lots? You are right, they do not carry out a proper advertisement. But it is not necessary, they need to know their availability and then they need to do the promotion. So, they should advertise the products properly in the market as well as on the website, it’s very important. If they just advertise the products and do not offer any bonus or discount for the products then it will be counterproductive.

Links of retailers about their availability or new products should be properly planned and should be as precise as the products were mentioned in the advertisements and should be noted inaccurate rate. This is very important for efficient survival on the Internet. So, always choose the best of manufacturer for the suppliers and communication with them is very important. If they can’t give you in confidence then you can’t trust them.

So, it is very necessary for every retailer to conduct intensive research in this field and to select a very good manufacturer. After selecting them, you should offer some good incentives for every order of customer and some free gifts or incentive can also be provided by manufacturers. They will be very glad to promote their products and will supply you with lots of the items at minimum rates; if your conditions are good enough then it is going to be a tough task to win the customers in large quantities. And the discount should be given to the retailers only when we return the product in caution.

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